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Well Linda wrote Margot and I today this big long e-mail about what she is doing over there and how's it's "unfair" for us to be mad at her b/c she doesn't like it in Texas. At the end she was like "I love you Margot and Sonja and I hope you won't be mad at me forever."
Hmm...Well Margot took the time this morning before Giffy's graduation to write her a long e-mail of her own, which speaks for both of us. And after all that we've been writing in our journals you can imagine what she said. *sigh* I'm only afraid she will going crying to Dad again, and he'll only yell at us.

Last night, me and Margot went to Mervyn's and got some clothes...Then we went to Savers and got 8 awesome little kids shirts, hehe. Got slurpees, too, and then went and got some gel pens and this little tee-shirt decorator, too. We're just that cool. Andrea came over and we made about 3 shirts, one that says "Fetus" w/ a star underneath, one that says "maggot" and another that says "I <3 DDR". haha. Yeah, good times. Had a little trouble sleeping last night, if you couldn't tell. I am just feeling bummed I guess.

Anyways, today was alright. Today was Greg Brady's graduation from UT. hehe, I can't wait until I'm that far along in life. It was nice looking around and seeing all the excited people around, cheering and smiling, all that. Hahah, and we just found out today that he was majoring in Economics...none of us even knew that...
I came back home and went to sleep again, then we had a little dinner or whatever. Yes, I am aware that it is only 4:00...hahah. My family is so funny.
Tonight I am planning on watching stalker movies w/ some friends, haha. Hopefully that'll go well.
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