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i see you baby, shakin that ass

Counting the seconds, minutes, and days. It goes by so slowly I can almost see life withering away right in front of me. And why shouldn't we be able to enjoy every precious mintue? Never again will there be a 43rd minute in the hour of 10 on May 14th, 2003. Why should we be content just letting unsatisfactory minutes pass us all by? The world is so confined. Why do we spend all our ripe age waiting? What are we waiting for all the time? We sit and wait for what we don't even know, that never really comes, instead of really enjoying ourselves. Nothing ever seems real to me anymore, it's all becoming so routine that I don't even notice. Maybe that is why I never take anything seriously and I am so happy. In fact, I am so happy that dying on the way home tonite would have been quite all right w/ me. (not that I want to die, it would have been just fine though)
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