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I guess i should have said this earlier...   
05:01am 17/06/2004
  This journal is friends only.  

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02:59am 18/07/2003

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02:58am 18/07/2003
  how many more  

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02:58am 18/07/2003
  sorry for screwing up your friends page  

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02:58am 18/07/2003

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02:58am 18/07/2003
  blah blah blah  

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02:58am 18/07/2003
  blah blah  

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02:57am 18/07/2003

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07:02pm 30/06/2003
mood: discontent
Shy Face

Which Face Are You?
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Me and jamie went to the mall today and she bought herself a crab haha, dylan's a trendsetter...Then I stole some buttons and Jamie bought a fuckin Legolas stand-up poster....HHAHAHA, so we were just walking around w/ a stand-up poster and a crab...I'm such a fucking idiot, I'm sure everyone wanted to kill me...Anyway I want to watch the Unsaid again-- I don't think we have it anymore...I should have recorded...Once again I am an idiot

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oh yeah....   
05:16am 23/06/2003
mood: crazy
"He has a voice like a cherub!!!"

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04:06pm 17/05/2003
mood: morose
Well Linda wrote Margot and I today this big long e-mail about what she is doing over there and how's it's "unfair" for us to be mad at her b/c she doesn't like it in Texas. At the end she was like "I love you Margot and Sonja and I hope you won't be mad at me forever."
Hmm...Well Margot took the time this morning before Giffy's graduation to write her a long e-mail of her own, which speaks for both of us. And after all that we've been writing in our journals you can imagine what she said. *sigh* I'm only afraid she will going crying to Dad again, and he'll only yell at us.

Last night, me and Margot went to Mervyn's and got some clothes...Then we went to Savers and got 8 awesome little kids shirts, hehe. Got slurpees, too, and then went and got some gel pens and this little tee-shirt decorator, too. We're just that cool. Andrea came over and we made about 3 shirts, one that says "Fetus" w/ a star underneath, one that says "maggot" and another that says "I <3 DDR". haha. Yeah, good times. Had a little trouble sleeping last night, if you couldn't tell. I am just feeling bummed I guess.

Anyways, today was alright. Today was Greg Brady's graduation from UT. hehe, I can't wait until I'm that far along in life. It was nice looking around and seeing all the excited people around, cheering and smiling, all that. Hahah, and we just found out today that he was majoring in Economics...none of us even knew that...
I came back home and went to sleep again, then we had a little dinner or whatever. Yes, I am aware that it is only 4:00...hahah. My family is so funny.
Tonight I am planning on watching stalker movies w/ some friends, haha. Hopefully that'll go well.

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02:41am 17/05/2003
mood: pensive
If you knock me down I'll come back running,
knock you down,
it won't be long now
Take it up higher.
4 degrees warmer.
Give in now
and let me in.....
It brings us closer than
dying and cancer and crying.
Come on .
You can take it all.
Just like that.

I want someone to come in my room....take some kind of object....hit me hard....hard enough in the back of the head....just for me to go unconscious....for a little while.

Or at least give me some tylonel PM.

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01:24am 17/05/2003
mood: worried
The sky was so lovely tonite...

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*snaps fingers*   
06:57pm 16/05/2003
mood: calm
baby, baby, baby where did our love go?
Oh, don't you need me?
Don't you need me no more?
I got this burnin', yearnin', yearnin' feelin' inside me
Oh deep inside me
and it hurts so bad
You came into my life so tenderly,
w/ a burnin' love that stings like a bee
and now that I've surrendered so helplessly
you know i believe you wanna leave me

anyways...Today was good, I am about to go out w/ Margot to shop for some things. Hmm..Not much going on tonight I guess.

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01:16am 16/05/2003
mood: amused
You are the Wiseman - Or not so wise perhaps.  You take so long getting to the point of what you are saying that you forget what the point is.  You have nothing really useful to s
You are the Wiseman - Or not so wise perhaps. You
take so long getting to the point of what you
are saying that you forget what the point is.
You have nothing really useful to say but you
give off the impression of wisdom somehow,
people coem to you for advice but you just end
up wasting their time. You may well get paid
to talk crap.

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thanks spencer
I remember when Jamie and I used to watch this like every fucking day.

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I am not for your eleemosynary   
05:02pm 15/05/2003
mood: indescribable
Uninterested, funearal, vague and unreal.
I am led back to the fact that people take jokes too seriously.
The question is, am I so inclement that I honestly would say something like that?
No, the question is, do I care?
Seeing as Curt just had to carry me down the stairs and hand me the remote to turn off the television and then carry me back up, I think I am too lazy to care.

Anyways, today was pretty good. I mostly just slept. And I ate about three bowls of cereal. haha. Last night was really fun, too.

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i see you baby, shakin that ass   
10:43pm 14/05/2003
mood: contemplative
Counting the seconds, minutes, and days. It goes by so slowly I can almost see life withering away right in front of me. And why shouldn't we be able to enjoy every precious mintue? Never again will there be a 43rd minute in the hour of 10 on May 14th, 2003. Why should we be content just letting unsatisfactory minutes pass us all by? The world is so confined. Why do we spend all our ripe age waiting? What are we waiting for all the time? We sit and wait for what we don't even know, that never really comes, instead of really enjoying ourselves. Nothing ever seems real to me anymore, it's all becoming so routine that I don't even notice. Maybe that is why I never take anything seriously and I am so happy. In fact, I am so happy that dying on the way home tonite would have been quite all right w/ me. (not that I want to die, it would have been just fine though)

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04:36am 14/05/2003
mood: horny
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01:19am 14/05/2003
mood: cheerful
hiiiiii ohhhhhhhhh hiiiiiiiiiiii oohhh hiiii aayyyayyy

*whispers random crap*
(margot, "..it's just -innocent- fun")

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12:40am 14/05/2003
mood: amused
i am going to annoy you all w/ my stupid journal entries...
I see through you.
I see through you.
Your dirty tricks.
They make me sick.

(margot: ha-ba LOL)

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